Silver Clay Workshop

10-3pm £65

Taster Workshop £35

The workshop takes you step by step into how to use Silver Clay.

  • How to texture and shape the clay - In the workshop you will explore the use of texture and shape in Polymer Clay, providing you with ideas for your final design to make with the silver clay.


  • How to file the clay once it is dry  - Drying the clay is a very important step; if you do NOT dry the clay before firing the clay will crack, bubble or distort your work. Once the clay is dry any filing of imperfections can be made before the firing process.


  • How to polish, burnish and finish your fired piece of clay - Once your piece has been fired it will need to be brushed; the silver clay comes out of the kiln with a fine white powder on it and by brushing it, the powder is removed and a shine is created. Finally, you can burnish your creation to highlight finer details of the piece.