The Craft Loft is an initiative I set up with

the support of the Prince’s Trust. I make a range of handmade products from Polymer Clay Animals, Fused Glass Art to Zentangle Drawing and Silver Clay Jewellery, which

you will be able to buy either by visiting the work shop or by finding us at local craft fairs.

I also provide Craft  Workshops giving you

the chance to learn something new. There is also the opportunity to hold a workshop in

your own home, school, group or WI, and

now in

your 'Work Place' too.
Mobile workshops are available on request

and are great for hen parties, ladies groups, pamper evenings or fund raising.

I have been fortunate to be accepted onto
a Prince’s Trust training course called
The Enterprise Programme, with the aim
of setting up a small business and art has been my passion and focus since I was very little. And I am now a Princes Trust Ambassador.


The Craft Loft is an outlet to provide people with their own art therapy session, to let everything go, have fun, learn a new skill and just enjoy what art has to offer. 

My childhood was somewhat different to normal and I spent many years in and out of hospital coping with Leukaemia. Art was the fun thing that made it all go away. So after a bone marrrow transplant some years later I thought I was done.


My life moved on and I got the opportunity to go to university and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and Community Education, and art therapy become my goal.

The Craft Loft is now offering 'Creative Power Hour' . This is a new venture to bring the Health and Wellbeing benefits that art therapy can bring into the workplace. This offer is open to businesses looking to give their workforce the opportunity to break from the daily routine and learn a new skill in the workplace environment  during a lunchtime period of 1 to  2 hours , on either a regular weekly or monthly basis or as a one off trial taster/mini sessions delivered at your business premises.
This offer is only available on specific workshops, please contact for further details

I'd like to say the story ends there however the bad luck returned and my health took another knock.  I went for a scan that changed my life and the way I view things. I found out that I had a brain tumour and life turned upside down again. So at the age of 26 I started all over again with hospital life. I used the time wisely and began to think how I could used this set back to my advantage. I didn't come out unscathed and am still coping with my health but then so are many other people.


I used art as a way of coping and still do and want this to be the core of what the Craft Loft is about, helping people who need an escape or outlet to what is going on about them. I think we can offer that.