My new work  is exploring the world of quilting by incorporating my love of silk painting. Along the way I have also been attracted to zentangle designs and have started to look  at how the two can compliment each other.


Zentangle is a meditative and relaxing drawing method of building complex images from the repetition of simple patterns. It helps increase focus, creativity, providing artistic satisfaction as well as an increased sense of self confidence and personal well being.


have developed this idea by using black and white patterned material blended together to create quilted objects.


My aim now using trees and landscapes as my focus is to incorporate both media. So if you like the sound of this journey I will be offering workshops in the new year.





My work has developed from incorporating textiles and hand made paper with my acrylic painting  seascapes with new techniques with my hand made silk paper. Experimenting with fabrics like lutradur and bondaweb, layering fabrics and using cut away methods to reveal the layers. I am also looking at recycled fabrics like Kunnin felt that you can also distress with a hot gun or  use cut a way techniques with a soldering iron . I aim fascinated by the natural patterns you can create that resemble tree bark with the felt. By blending colours, fabrics and yarns you can achieve amazing designs with a textured tree trunk structure as a base.


I now want to incorporate a technique I saw in Texas when I was on holiday last year. This would add a quilting element to the structure of the tree.

Carol Mayston